The HR Elite Group was born from 15+ years of working with companies as Internal HR Professionals.  In the years that our founder worked in Human Resources, she realized that the Internal HR Employee function for small businesses was not cost effective, and sometimes unnecessary.  Although businesses with as little as 5 employees have Federal and State Labor regulations to follow, some remain non-compliant.. ​​

Our founder had a Vision; To transform the traditional HR Model to a more ROI Centric model.  That all small businesses could acquire and receive the same HR attention as the large companies by one simple measure, have an HR Advisor for an affordable cost.  Coming from organizations where Employee orientation was always at the center, she obtained great knowledge in the perfect combination of ROI and adding Value.  This formula is what has lead to the success of HR Elite Group.  

HR Elite now affords to all business, small or large, the opportunity to gain assurance that they are meeting all labor requirements.  They will no longer be kept up at night wondering if there Overtime policy is compliant, what areas of their employee investment is at risk, do their employee records comply with Federal regulation.  These are all areas that can cause great damage to a small business, but we are THE SOLUTION