HR Advisory

There is one thing that all organizations have in common:
People Concerns.  Whether you have five employees or 10,000, your approach to managing people will determine your business success. To meet this challenge, HR ELITE has created a set of Strategic Services and products that enhance companies at every point in their life cycle. These services equip customers with an unparalleled ability to acquire the best employees, align workforce goals with high-level company objectives, drive new levels of performance and productivity, and develop and mentor their future leaders.  We want to stabilize and enhance productivity, with cost and ROI always at the center.  

Project Management

Whether you are experiencing growth or facing an operational reduction, HR ELITE can help with restructure management.  However you are planning to restructure your business there are risks that require an understanding of employment law to mitigate – and that’s where our support becomes invaluable.

HR ELITE can help you:
         Plan the restructure of your business.
         Identify areas for growth or reduction.
         Recruit new employees at all levels.
         Manage the redundancy process.
         Negotiate settlement agreements.

Depending on the scope of the project we can either work at an hourly rate or arrange a fee beforehand, allowing you to know exactly how much you need to budget.

Audit & Compliance

In today’s competitive, litigious landscape, organizations cannot afford to forgo conducting an HR audit. HR audits can focus on staffing, regulatory compliance, cost savings, organizational objectives or other human resources issues. Human resources audits should be performed regularly to avoid costly legal disputes and government fines.

Our team of HR Advisors has decades of HR experience and is an objective third party when reviewing an organization’s HR policies and practices to determine whether they are providing optimal support. Our comprehensive HR assessment and cost-benefit analysis of HR strategies is followed by recommendations for improvement and a prioritized plan for implementation.

Training & Development

With years of employee training and development under our belts we have the experience you need when it comes to people development.  Our suite of skills training will help to improve staff performance, enhance skills and get all-round better results from your workforce.  We review and update our courses annually to ensure that they stay relevant and legally compliant.

Managing performance
       Appraisal skills
       Managing performance
       Coaching for results
Leading and managing
       Managing teams
       Leading change
       Being an effective leader
Personal effectiveness
       Managing meetings
       Making the most of each day
       Presentation skills

We can also develop customized training courses. Speak to us directly to discuss your business requirements.